About Jmedley Musik

Jmedley Musik is a dynamic and passionate up-and-coming contemporary gospel and inspirational singer songwriter from Long Island, NY. He is known for combining different genres of music to create his own style of musical expression, which made way for the name Jmedley, meaning "Just Medley". Spreading the gospel of a gracious, merciful, loving and faithful God to all ages without being limited by creative boundaries as well as creating timeless music is Jmedley Musik's goal. His music ranges from modern to traditional, with a contemporary spin and is able to capture people of all stages and walks of life. Jmedley is also a musician and has worked with notable artists such as R&B artist, Jon B. and Producer, Cory Rooney. He currently released his single “Praise" as well as a few others to be released soon after. It is his firm belief that if he stays connected to God, everything and anything is possible.

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